A Joyous Rainy Day Wedding at Beautiful Pangdean Old Barn

Thank you for being brilliant!

We cannot thank you enough for the time, care and effort you put into our wedding. You captured the day perfectly, being everywhere and nowhere all at the same time!

We love how you caught all of those little moments that we didn’t get to see (particularly those cute and ridiculous things children end up doing!) and you captured the amount that Joe and I make each other laugh which is such an important part of our relationship.

Every photo is beautiful and we so enjoyed reliving our day through your amazing pictures.

Thank you for being brilliant!

Ryan & Joe

This is Ryan and Joe’s Story

Set in the South Downs, just North of Brighton, Pangdean Old Barn is one of my favourite wedding venues. With its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, it tends to attract couples wanting an informal style of wedding in natural surroundings.  It also prides itself on suberb in-house catering, something I can certainly vouch for! If you’re a foodie couple, then Pangdean should definitely be on your venue shortlist!

The beautiful backdrop of the rustic barn and stunning gardens suits me and my relaxed style of photography down to the ground, so when Ryan and Joe got in touch about their upcoming Pangdean wedding, I couldn’t wait to hear about the day they had planned. One Zoom call and a pre-wedding shoot later, I’d really gotten to know the two grooms and was super excited for their big day.  I especially loved their great sense of humour and how they made each other laugh.  This was a big part of their unique story, and one that was important for me to relay through their wedding images.

Their day began at Ockenden Manor where the grooms, their Best People, and their parents joined them for the initial preparations. Ryan and Joe wore beautifully tailored and complementary bespoke suits by Gresham Blake.  Happily, I managed to capture the moment when they excitedly pulled open their jackets to show off their waistcoats and jacket linings to family members. Hugs and gifts were exchanged before umbrellas were opened and the assembled party made their way to two classic cars that would take them to Pangdean.

After arriving at Pangdean, Ryan and Joe snuck off to the smaller ‘Stables’ barn for a quick legal signing whilst I enjoyed capturing guests arriving. It simply didn’t matter that the rain was coming down in spades, everyone was in high spirits and it was fun capturing all the hugs and interactions between family and friends who were excited to catch up with each other. The children really enjoyed trying to catch water splashes too!

The two grooms didn’t want photos of the legal signing; for them, the real wedding ceremony came afterwards – a much more personal affair with a celebrant, readings and personalised vows, also held in the Stables Barn. The raw emotion of the occasion was very much in evidence, with tears and laughter in equal measure. I felt very honoured to be able to capture this important part of the couple’s story and definitely shared some of their emotions with them, my face hidden behind my camera.

I kept my eye on the skies, and happily, not long after the ceremony came a break in the rain. Just enough for Ryan and Joe to enjoy a quick breather in Pangdean’s beautiful gardens, with me tagging along at a distance to capture their first time alone as husband and husband. There’s often a moment of dry on even the rainiest of days, and I’ll always try to make the most of it! And if it simply doesn’t happen? Well, that’s what umbrellas are for, I say! You only get one chance for wedding photos, trust your photographer, pack trainers or wellies, and try not to worry about your hair!

Are you planning a relaxed wedding at Pangdean Old Barn or another of the many beautiful barns in East and West Sussex?  I’d love to capture your story!  

Jenny x

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